Saturday, 1 November 2014

whole lotta history

History becomes more interesting the older you get; yet I'm not sure why. Is it that we become more aware of the world and its successes and failures as we age? Or do we find ourselves becoming part of history when we observe teens 'reinventing' the music and the fashion of our youth, and also now see the beautiful people of yesteryear struggling with the same wrinkles and flabby bits as the rest of us?
Kids, these days (my goodness what do I sound like?), but hear me these days have so much to make history fun. Any era you like, there will be a website or BBC kids pages or Horrible Histories episode or English Heritage castle event to bring it to life. My 3G love a good history tale but it's MiddleS who has really been bitten by the history bug - especially the Tudors. 

But what has really surprised me is the amount of reading she has chosen to do, the research she has taken on by herself, the facts and dates she remembers. Her favourite figures have been Henry 8th, Elizabeth 1st and Queen Victoria so far. She has persuaded her Grandpa to take her to Hampton Court for her 7th birthday  - and the countdown to her visit is akin to the days pre-empting a family holiday.

I say surprised that she has found a keen interest in history, when what I really mean is...absolutely chuffed. A trip to an old hunting castle of Henry 8th's  brought forth a stack of interesting comments about the Tudor Dynasty from memory. Including the correction of an erroneous snippet I offered to her!

We've always known our MiddleS was a bright button but her passion, interest, and talent for all things history is astounding.

Long may it continue.

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