Tuesday, 4 November 2014

I got the music in me

You can't have too many songs on your playlist. Never. Ever. Music can make or break a day in my life. I may wake up like the proverbial bear but if the right tune is playing on the school run...well arguments cease in their tracks, the volume is turned right up, and me and the 3G croon all the way to the school gates and back home again.

Music is so evocative of our life and times.  A song can take me back to hoiking on scruffy school uniforms in my 1980s bedroom, to the warm tummy butterflies when getting ready for a first date, to packing suitcases for child-free holidays, to the first steps in my wedding shoes, to a person I don't speak to anymore, to the moment a me and the GeordieLad changed the first nappy.

I could be doing the most menial job at home when a Joan Armatrading song comes on, and I am instantly reminded of AWOLMum , grooving and singing as she struggled to release just washed natural afro curls out of my 14 year old head into perfect plaits on a Saturday night. So for all the muddy water that has run under our crossed bridges this moment makes me smile, which leads me to telling the 3G about the good times I shared with my own mum. Music did that.

There is a song for every mood, every moment, everything that matters. Playlists are great for recording a musical memory for who you are at a particular time. Remember the old mixtapes? Well I'm currently on a mission to recreate my old tapes into itunes playlists because, yes I still have them, and sometimes it's good to look back - on the good and bad times. Music helps me do that.

For ages now I have enjoyed the contributions to Typecast's Soundtrack to my Life and have been trying to construct my own compilation. Unfortunately I just can't seem to choose 5. For ever one I take off the list, another ten are sitting ready and waiting. However the popularity of this link up surely goes to show how many other people feel the same way. Music will always do that.

So you can never have too many songs on your playlist, or even too many playlists! Take some time out today to find a song or two that just zips you back to some happy days. Then get in your kitchen and get your groove on.