who is mama elsie?

Hey, mama elsie here, thanks for stopping by.  

My rollercoaster London life passes by each year in little more than a blur. With my GeordieLad, the 3G (BigL, MiddleS, LittleE), Cat1 and Cat2, I am attempting to do my best. I guess we all are, right?  With 20 years in the bag as a teacher and the last decade or so as a full-time working mama,  I decided to down tools, for a wee while and get my creative on.

Top this all off with my vices of crying at films, belting out 80s tunes in my Mini Cooper, watching police, legal and medical dramas until my eyes bleed, reinventing my house through the medium of pinterest, attempting new styles for my new afro, and this is me! mama elsie. Refusing to accept that I'm retro and still have dreams to follow, I just like setting the world to rights over a massive mug o' mocha.

In the words of brat pack hero, Ferris Bueller:

       "Life moves pretty . If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

This blog began as a memory box for the 3G. Did you ever wonder what your parents were like when you were little? Before they irritated, stopped letting you do what you wanted and always tried to make you think that your new stuff was their old stuff? Well, I let too many of my 3G's years fly past without due care and attention. This is my payback.

It's been really hard to pigeon-hole my blog so I've given up. This is a platform to share the frenzied family fun that goes on at TwickersTowers or anywhere we lay our hats; thoughts about stuff that's happening in our little corner of the world- education, parenting, raising a mixed heritage family, brilliant books that I have discovered, moving through my 40s, and pondering questions that sometimes just don't have answers but enjoying the conversation anyway.

I'm also proud to be  education editor for  Post40bloggers - the home of talented bloggers aged 40+ This is a new venture and I love the challenge, have encountered a vast array of subjects and issues, and can't help tooting our horn. It's that good.

So hope you stick around and join me for a chat sometime.