Thursday, 6 November 2014


I love that Tara Cain introduced her post this week with the definition of spectacular. It would have been easy for me to pick one of the ropey firework shots I took whilst balancing on stairs this weekend.

But as I scoured through my blurry images I kept scooting past random shots of the 3G hanging out in different places with different poses. And then it hit me. These darn kids are "beautiful in a dramatic eye-catching way". 

It's not the easy option. On most days they drive me crazy to tipping point with their bickering and their 'yeah I know you think you're in charge mummy but really we are' type attitude. I rarely step back and look at these girls for the brilliant beings that they are. 

Never a dull moment. Always have some nugget of hilarity at the wrong moment. Never stand still. Always ready with a pose or a pout. Never have one expression for more that 5 minutes. Always ready with a smile or a giggle. Never cease to surprise me to speechless. Always full of chatter, stories and I love yous.

The 3G. Spectacular.

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