Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm an Englishwoman in New York

 Goooood Morning USA! Excuse me a moment whilst I have a complete touristy break-out... JFK airport, yellow cabs, highways, traffic lights that hang in the air, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Saks, Tiffanys - yes THAT Tiffanys, Central Park, Trump Tower, hot dog vendors on every street corner, the Empire State Building, art deco to die for....and breathe.

Composure resumed, dear readers, composure resumed. After a tearful goodbye with the 3G and the Geordie Lad I embarked on my 40th birthday present to myself off for a week with fantastico Dad to glorious, glamorous NYC.

The niggles of guilt run freely through vein and brain with this being the first trip away from my offspring; but as sis and s-i-l have both reprieved me off this guilt, I set about enjoying every darn minute of this trip.

First impressions of the Big, hot, hot, tall, big, fast and just like it is on the telly - even down the steam coming up from the road - why is that??

I must say I am most impressed with my choice of hotel - The Roosevelt Hotel on Madison and East 45th (listen to me!) coz it's smack back in the middle of everything. We are but a few blocks from Broadway, Central Park and the Empire State Building, 5th avenue is in the next street and the biggest bonus for me was discovered on the first night by accident. Grand Central Terminal is right around the corner. Flashbacks of cinematic scenes were brought to reality as I, open-mouthed in full tourist mode, took each shiny step down to the concourse. And yes I did secretly wish that everyone would freeze so I could pirouette my way around the information desk.

To say I was giddy with joy is a major understatement. Major. Readers, this trip to NYC has been sitting tucked away since the early years. Saturday afternoons in front of the box brought the wonders of New York to little ole school me: diff'rent strokes, Cagney and Lacey, Kate and Allie, Sesame Street, Taxi, My Two Dads ; then in my independent years Friends, NYPD Blue, Law and Order, and of course Sex In The City.
If I start to get into the films, I'll be writing til I get back on the plane. So a quick rundown of the films I wish I could reenact scenes from whilst I'm here : Breakfast at Tiffanys, West Side Story, Hair, Fame, Desperately Seeking Susan, Big and Sleepless In Seattle (oh Tom!)

And here I am. Finally. And you know maybe I just will remake a couple of those unforgettable scenes... Mama Elsie stylee.

Goodnight New York, wherever you are.

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