Monday, 13 August 2012

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I'd like to take a moment to let you know that I have been giddy with excitement about the London 2012 Olympics since 6th July 2005. That date is forever etched on my mind. Sitting for the zillionth time booby-feeding BigL waiting with baited breath to hear we had won the bid for the Olympics. We. Us. London. I snuggled into BigL aged 2months and desperately tried to conceive a day when she would be BigL aged 7 years; and (mumble, mumble) I would be 40. 
There have been so many stories, rumours, articles and jokes about the imminent failure of the Olympic Games in London; it's been a travesty. How could people not get excited about this amazing event that really does stop the world for two whole weeks? I have found myself in previous Olympic years whiling away hours watching sports I have no understanding of, no interest in, and no knowledge of. But somehow during the Olympics, gymnastics, dressage and rifle shooting seem to have the ability to have the whole family on the edge of our seats.

Yet here we are. 2012. I have followed the torch throughout our fair isle on the good old Beeb, I have dragged my the 3G around London to see and touch (!) the torch. I have marvelled at some of the touching and inspirational stories of the torch bearers, I have danced and cheered with the opening and closing ceremonies. I have wept with sorrow and yelled with joy at our tremendous Olympians. I have argued and reasoned with the naysayers of the success of these Games.

Those voices are now irrelevant. I have had a wonderful summer with my family being actively involved in these Olympic Games. We watched our Team GB Women Footballers beat the Brazilians at Wembley, we were back again to see the USA challenge China to Olympic Gold, and then the icing on the cake came on our trip to the Olympic Park to see the penultimate night of the athletics. What can I say? A breath-taking, sore-throat inducing, electric atmosphere and a night I will never forget.
As I sit and watch Take That sing the last song of the ceremony accompanying the extinguishing of the flame, I am filled with incredible sadness. That this is it. The 7 years of waiting is finally over.
Thank you Team GB - I feel ever so proud to be a Londoner.

Goodnight London, wherever you are.

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