Wednesday, 25 January 2017

name of the game

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Confession: I have a Starbucks name. What do you mean you don't? In this era of re-branding without the rigmarole of deed poll, how could you let this opportunity pass?

It took me a while to own the shortened version of the one I was given, I love it now but didn't back in the day.  And today, in every high street, I am presented with the occasion to try out a new one and see how it fit. Metamorphosing under the green Liberty-esque Lady of the coffee haven I become Jasmine.

Yes, Jasmine. 

A name I have cossetted since I was a kid. It offered a future free of restraint and rules. A life of freedom and creativity; funky shoes, rainbow fashion and the ability to play any Radio 1 Top 40 chart hit by ear on the rehearsals or anything.

However 'Jasmine' lay dormant until the common practice of requesting your name in a coffee shop came into being. I, fumbling for change and truly unsure if I had ordered the correct drink having spliced three hot drink related words together, hesitated.

"Madame, your name?" the barista repeated, pen poised over the titled empty cup,

And there she rose from the depths of 1984, enveloped in Le Jardin perfume and wearing Doc Martens.


"That's a cool name" the barista smiled swooshing the letters J-a-z-m-e-e-n-e across the label. 

"Yeah" Jasmine (me) nods loftily "I've always liked it"

And so, still she remains, strong and sweet; an embodiment of the Mocha she regularly orders.  Presenting her reward card. Purchasing the occasional shop blended coffee granules to take home. 

Yet Jasmine only bursts into life at that moment, in that establishment.  Until the trend extends to other institutions, she remains a parallel solo me.  Who knows the other mes that could be birthed into existence? I'm thinking Cleo... Letitia... Rainbow...the possibilities are exquisitely endless.

This post is in response to a #Post40Bloggers : Writing Prompt no54 : Change your name

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