Friday, 27 January 2017

a little peace

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I've only written about the glorious Eurovision Song Contest once on my blog, I know - a travesty, right? I need to write about it so much more.

For those of you who aren't in the know, I love it. Me and my sis were raised on it and make no apologies for loving our annual Eurovision tradition. It's one of the few things we look forward to passing onto our daughters - they simply won't have a choice.

In the run up to this year's contest, things are looking a little bitter sweet.

Sweet that I'll be attending my first ever actual, live Eurovision event. Cue sequins and glitter. Bitter that this is the inaugural post-Brexit Eurovision. Cue side eye at the already Brit hating judges.

Luckily this isn't that actual Eurovision Final, it's Eurovision You Decide - the contest that decides who represents Britain in May.  So at least we're guaranteed a home win!

I'll be honest since the decision in June I've been a little unbalanced about my Britishness, it hasn't sat well; I'm not going to delve into that now, you can read about it here. Suffice to say I did bin the  Union Jack flags I own, the ones that only make a Eurovision or Olympic appearance, but I was hurting, I wonder whether I acted in haste. 

So I'm hoping that tonight's show will restore a little peace with my country and that we choose a song to proclaim our love of all things European.  Before the sharpening of Euro knives in Ukraine at the next stage.

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