Saturday, 15 November 2014

you're beautiful

Today has been World Kindness Day. In this world that only seems to make the news when it is shedding misery and heartache, it is not hard to find kindness. Everywhere.

There is a queue of wonderful women who stand beside me when I am struggling to look myself in the eye.

Every land, city, and street has a person who puts people before themselves.

I have been witness to a plethora of teachers that think nothing of staying late to re-mark, re-advise, and re-assure a student with their essay, decision or ability.

But tonight, the kindness has once again reached the levels of  'are you kidding me'? Because once again people have reached into their pockets to donate to Children in Need every year.

We are a big Children in Need family. This is the first year I haven't curled up on the sofa with the 3G to laugh at the silliness and cry my eyeballs feeling helpless for the families that are hurting. And despite having a great time with some mummy friends who  only seem to manage to get together for a night out one a year, I really missed watching all the shenanigans.

However, I know the kindness of millions of inhabitants of this fair isle is working yet again.

So if I had a banana @HerMelness to write messages to all those that are kind; to let them know that I think what they're doing is fabulous. Well, the world would be short of bananas. 

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