Friday, 14 November 2014

mellow yellow

 I sincerely hope that the 3G will, one day, forgive me for my OCD-ish tendencies. My CD and books are categorised alphabetically.Clothes are colour co-ordinated in my wardrobe. To say that if you stand still for too long you will feel the wrath of my labelling machine is an understatement. So far, so me.

From coat hangers to chairs to flowers to ... oh everything really, I have colour coded what belongs to who. BigL is pink. She gets big pink number balloons on her birthdays. MiddleS is orange. She alternates between orange balloons and orange flowers. LittleE is yellow. She gets yellow roses according to her age each year.

I hang onto the hope that this memento will continue until I see a fully grown LittleE holding 18 yellow roses. 

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