Wednesday, 26 March 2014

mirror in the bathroom

I have unexpectedly found myself with some free time. Since, like, January! There were many plans made to you know, declutter the house, get fit, sort my iTunes out, and you know - write that book. But faced with the stretch of time when the 3G go to school I have submerged myself in my guilty pleasure.

Making stuff I've seen on PINTEREST! Getting my creative on! Driving GeordieLad crazy with scraps of shizzle all over the dining table. Whilst there are mornings, days, lunchtimes, evenings of miserableness because of my current situation, I am able to seek solace in the wonderful land of Pinterest. I've been on it for ages - promoting its preciousness like Golam to anyone with a hard drive - racking up boards of other people's creations in depicting my wishes and wants.  But now that I have time and ... decoupage, I'm gonna be pinning like a boss!

Watch 'dis.

Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself a bit - this was an easy one. But it kicked started some bathroom love.

Mainly used by the 3G I was looking to splash some colour and some fun...

 So I got this cheeky little fella from Japan
(as you do) andGeordieLad wiped out his
diamondcutter to pop it on the wall. 
Out came the spotty stickers and some canvas
 art courtesy of the 3G from their nursery days.


 And for the final touches (and to save me sounding like a scratched record), a couple of polite reminders in art form on the bathroom windowsill and...

... in the loo!

What's in your bathroom?

Right, what's next?

Goodnight London, wherever you are.

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