Friday, 28 March 2014

everything is awesome

Lego rocks, right? I'll be honest I wasn't much of a fan as a kid, myself.  But since BigL arrived on the scene  and was completely loved up with the Lego, it's been a permanent fixture in TWTowers. Courtesy of the BigFamily she's been drowning in Duplo from age 2, but couldn't wait to get started on the real stuff. Lego! Then with MiddleS being a bit girly all over the place, we were introduced to LegoFriends. Over the years it seems that the Lego have been breeding, because by the time LittleE was here we could have decorated the whole house in Lego.
So with the aid of Pinterest and more specifically IHeartOrganizing and Ikea I solved our storage problem!

It was pretty easy. I printed off the colour names and laminated the labels and stuck them on with glue dots. I have read some people have used Modge Podge but it seems the glue dots are doing okay. The storage is a godsend because it allows some display space, and even with the additions of more Lego every birthday and Christmas - there is still so much room left!

The 3G loved this and it is perfect for quick tidy ups before bedtime.  And then we even got to do a bit of decoupage for the smaller colours and other Lego items, like minifigures and animals. Woop! Woop!
 If only I could make an improvement on the Lego instructions storage! This bag is fit to burst. Back to Pinterest it is then!

Any other fab ideas for toy storage?

Right, what's next?

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