Friday, 6 January 2017

start me up

Copyright: <a href=''>flynt / 123RF Stock Photo</a>'s the sixth of the month already? Where has the year gone? Do the years really pass by at Lewis Hamilton speed or do we fill our time and days even more the older we get? Whether with families or pets or sports or hobbies or the dreaded d-i-y, is every minute being consumed with lists of things to do?

Now I love a good list, I do, only this morning I planned my writing month; all colour coded, naturally. And to summon the glorious Nina Simone - I'm feeeeeling gooood. This is complete 180 from last week, when burdened with the weight of selection boxes (chocolates, biscuits, crackers, cheese - you get the idea) and lack of creativity, I stumbled out of 2016 and welcomed in the new year with the realization that I hadn't ordered new diary re-fills or a weekly planner pad. Cue panic.

On the other side of a fully planned January, it seems that routine is queen. Maybe after two decades of teaching, the hourly ringing of a bell to tell me where I should be has had a lasting effect. I am happiest when I know what's coming next... as long as it was planned of course.

Yet in order to relish the beauty of calendared life, I happily embrace the chaos of Christmas past. December begins my month of abandonment - exercise mornings, planned dinners, the bi-weekly glass of wine, bedtime routines and any shred of style...*hoists Christmas jumper aloft*. The house is decorated in so much sparkle and glitter our glow can be seen from the I.S.S floating by. In between meals chomping of much chocolate is a bare necessity and vats of mulled wine bubble contentedly on the hob.

But as with all excesses, things must come to a bitter end. Struggling to zip up jeans is not a favourite past-time of mine and I have better things to do that hunt amongst the January jumble sales. So off to the recycling with the choc-cracker-biscuit-sugarylove stuff and back to reality. The trainers have been donned for morning jumping and flailing about. Dinner menus are back in situ. Normal service has been resumed.

 *Turns to January page in diary* 

Today's colour codes are pink, purple and red. Lots to do.

And in the words of my gorgeous likkle niece...Happy Noo Yoo.

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