Thursday, 7 July 2016

taste the pain

If I lost my taste tomorrow. What would I miss? 


Mesmerized by Ally McBeal (remember her) savouring the smell of her first coffee of the morning, every morning, I acquired the coffee bean bug many moons ago and would be loathe to give it up. As the years have passed, unlike my preferences in wine, I have sought out the stronger coffee; the one where you can stand your spoon up in it. To my shame I have recently slipped off the fair trade wagon upon discovering a cute, cheap brand of coffee that comes in almond flavour. Coffee heaven in a miniature jar.

If I lost my taste tomorrow.  What would I miss?


Mistaken for a scraggy old banana by my kids, I soon tutored them in the beautiful, sweet, sticky, lusciousness of the fried plantain. Yes it goes against the grain of the healthy living but it's not every day, right, it's just a little treat when I can be bothered to trek to Shepherd's Bush market to buy the best plantain in London. True, true my Mum used to boil it and serve it with rice and chicken but seriously, when you have tasted a properly ripe plantain with a likkle sprinkle of salt; only then have you lived. And the best thing of all ... none of my children like it. Whilst initially I was aghast that they could refuse this plate of joy, I realized that this clearly leaves more for me!

I considered the pain that could be felt missing out on chocolate, Nandos, a good ole bag of chips but I know that to pre-empt my loss of taste, I would simply be ordering a large coffee and perfect plate of plantain to be consumed by the banks of the River Thames.

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