Friday, 23 October 2015

ladies first

After a productive editor's meeting with the Post40Bloggers gang I was pleasantly surprised to find a nomination from lovely Lara at Life and Love in London for The Sisterhood of the World Blog Awards.  Thanks Lara!

So the deal is I answer 10 questions set by Lara then pass on 10 questions of my own to more beautiful bloggers that I follow.

What's my favourite way to relax?  Well there isn't usually a huge amount of relaxing time but honestly I love nothing better that curling up on my sofa with a massive cup of coffee, a bar of chocolate and a box set of some trashy American drama - at the moment it's catching up with the whole of Grey's Anatomy whilst waiting for Scandal to return. 

My superpower would be to turn back time - I know I know we should get to 40plus and accept the past but there are so many decisions and choices that I would tweak - nothing drastic. Revise for that exam a little more; not wear that outfit to work that day; not go on a date with that guy but mainly to not be so scared and take those risks.

My teen crush was Michael J Fox, Keanu Reeves, River Pheonix, Judd Nelson, Matthew Broderick...oh, oh you said one. *blushes*

The actress to play me in a film of my life would be well as much as I'd like to say Naomi Harris or Kerry Washington because they are soooo glamorous and have played roles that are strong and challenge norms, plus I'm sure I'd get to hang out with them. But I'd probably ask for  Whoopi Goldberg. Not so much because she looks like me but moreso because I loved everything she's done especially star in my favourite novel adaptation The Colour Purple and my fashion sense and personality was pretty much modelled on her character in Jumpin Jack Flash (1986).

My last supper would be a proper Sunday Roast - Caribbean style. Yes there's the chicken and veg and roast potatoes but add rice&peas, macaroni cheese and coleslaw and I am 12 again sat round the Sunday table listening to the reggae with David Rodigan

My ultimate holiday destination would be Maui, Hawaii. This has got to be the place to let go of all the worry and rushing of day to day life. Donning my Turn-Back-Time-Woman superhero cape I'd settle down back in 2004, hang out in Lehane and sell arty stuff to tourists and write adventure books for kids. But I would have a sneaky holiday to New York and London each year - for when the peace and quiet gets too much.

The seemingly little thing that annoys me beyond reason is social rudeness on all levels - barging in a queue, talking loudly on mobile phones, tutting at people with buggies, stopping in the middle of the street to text and not picking up your dog's poop.  Aaaarrrgggghhhhh!

If I had to choose between Paris or Vegas it would definitely be Paris. What a beautiful, historical, energetic city. Actually Vegas is one of those places that I have never desired to visit - even if I had a free ticket. 

My hero is um, well I don't really have one in particular. I am inspired by people that are in my personal circles or celebrities - past and present - regularly but couldn't actually set my sights on one particular person. I've recently written about how Malorie Blackman is incredibly inspiring to me at the moment and I am intrigued and excited by the changes that Lenny Henry has made in his professional career, yet I have been surrounded by sheroes who are family and friends.

If I could be anybody besides myself I would be me version2 - one that doesn't need to wish to be Turn-Back-Time Woman because I took all the right roads. A kind of upgraded me. But if I really had to chose I'd happily be Michelle Obama (FLOTUS) for a day...who's there with me?

Now you know all my shizzle I'm hoping that the following #post40bloggers will answer my 10 questions:

Off you go 

1. If you could do anything tomorrow what would you do?
2. Cats or dogs?
3. What is your karaoke go-to song?
4. What would be your Starbucks name? Or if you could choose another first name what would it be?
5. Which colour best represents you?
6. What makes you really, really happy?
7. What decade would you like to go back to?
8. Which colour represents you?
9. Rename yourself as a Mr. Men or Little Miss character
10. Choose a book that you could rave about for ages.

These are the rules…
  • Give thanks to the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 10 questions given to you
  • Nominate more bloggers for the award
  • Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Display the award on your blog or post


  1. Love this! So interesting to see your answers. I'm with you on Vegas, heroes and the 'other me'. When i find time, i'll pick up the baton. But half term is 1.5hrs away.....laters!

    1. Hope you have a great half term - we are (despite wifi signals being extremely sporadic). Looking forward to your responses!