Tuesday, 29 September 2015

rugby rookies update

The happiness that comes with being a rugby loving family living in Twickenham took a little tumble on Saturday night as Wales tipped the score in into the red corner. Yet we were not disheartened for long and instead decided to soak up the Rugby World Cup atmosphere along the way in Richmond at the Fanzone. What a way to get the whole family involved in this fantastic event. From the walk up the Richmond Road where we took pics with a giant England rugby ball to checking out Scotland scoop a win over USA whilst chilling in Old Deer Park. 

Inside the park there were two massive screens - one definitely dedicated for families as it had huge play chairs for kids to jump around on and picnic benches . A semi-circle of pop up beer and food stalls made easy pickings for sustenance - although we watched an afternoon match, no doubt an evening game would probably mean more queuing, but you can still see the screens easy so bonus! Also there is a wide open space for anyone to have a kick around with teeny rugby balls - nothing ferocious and great for the little ones to burn off their energy.

Once the game had ended we mooched around the rugby world cup shop, got free teeny weeny coca-cola cans and then watched the kids on a couple of fairground rides. We were extremely lucky with the weather so picnic blankets on the ground worked however there is a huge tent for any rainy days ahead during the tournament. 

I'd love to pop down here for a massive evening match sans enfant as I imagine the atmosphere would be electric, especially for any of the home nations. But even in the day the mood was of good sportsmanship and crowds who just wanted to enjoy international rugby in a safe environment. This is brilliant thing about living in London - I would wager that every team in the 2015 World Cup is represented in large numbers wherever you're watching it. That makes for great viewing in an open space.

We didn't manage to get tickets on the residents ballot or couldn't possibly afford any available seats now at Twickenham but we're able to take part in this World Cup with the whole family outside of our living room, thanks to this fanzone.  Well worth a visit and thanks Richmond!

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