Sunday, 15 February 2015

the light

Some mornings are lousy; dark, rainy, trafficky, late, and full of grumpy in the car.  Some mornings are lovely; wintery, summery, autumny, springy - you know those mornings where the sky is awash with striking colours. And then we all have to rush into the car because we're late for school, work, swimming, rugby.  And grumpy sits in every seat in the car. Again.

Now evenings.  Evenings are something else. Especially sunsets - that moment just before night settles in.

Evenings mean that I'm heading home to the 3G. And my sofa. And a glass of wine. It doesn't matter what day or season evenings make it all worthwhile...well, once I've got past the trail of cars shunting in the same direction as me. 

Despite the darkness there is always a light in the evening that makes me feel that teeny bit better.  Be it from the streetlights nestling amongst the London glow lining my route back to home and hearth, or the splash of warmth lighting a dusky sky.

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