Wednesday, 4 February 2015

cold as ice

Now when you look at me, I know that you know that I am not a person who likes the cold. I am a person who hates the cold. With a passion. 

But the cold isn't just about the cold weather. Frost bitten clear blue sky mornings can sometimes be the best way to wake up; from behind double glazing anyway. Even stepping out whilst wrapped to within an inch of your life can blow the cobwebs and the misery away; so that's okay too.

All around become all too aware of when I am too cold. GrumpyMama takes residence.

FantasticoDad, who spends half of his year in sunshiny Grenada, says he enjoys the change of seasons that we have here in the UK. This from the man who wakes up to view the Caribbean Sea outside of his bedroom window! So although he may have a puff and wince when he braces the cold February morning, he relishes it before he boards his Spice Island plane next week.

Bizarrely two of the 3G have no real issue with the cold, but it's MiddleS who takes after her mama. This child can feel the cold. No matter how many layers she is submerged in her face is always a picture in the cold.


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    1. Yeah I couldn't let this moment pass without a quick pic!