Friday, 16 January 2015

me, myself, I

I've got to be honest, I've never been that impressed with 'me'. I certainly don't like photos of me - but I'm working on that.  So thinking back to my teen decade, there were these dreams that reached the sky and there was no real understanding of what could be; I just did stuff. Then the twenties strolled by and gradually a realism to life started to cloud the blue, but I was gathering friends, skills and experiences. The thirties? Forget the box of chocolates Forrest, this decade was like a game of snakes and ladders. And the old 'me' had shed my skin to become the 'me' I am probably today. A 'me' who had responsibilities so decided to wave goodbye to my electric eighties dreams. I had missed my chances; choosing cul-de-sacs over junctions. But I was now a 'me' who had a bloody big job to do as family lioness - this was ok as I could never sit still and kept busy finding new hobbies and mini-dreams.

Then the forties sashayed in and well... before I reveal the 'me' of the moment, let me tell you about a  marvellous friend, who - fed up of listening to my doom mongering recently - made me write a list of my good stuff. Took a while but I managed to squeeze out a few bullet points. Every now and then we all need someone to give us a shove, and tell us to give our head a shake.

So I did.  Here is a 'me' who is living and is loved; a 'me' who is exhausted and energetic; a 'me' who cries and laughs 'til it hurts pretty much on a weekly basis; a 'me' who misses the svelte waist, hips n ass that I never appreciated 'til they disappeared but won't pass up on a dessert coz life is too short to miss out on ice cream; a 'me' who would love to have funky hair, stylish outfits, nails and hair buffed and tweaked to perfection every week but really feel my happiest in my comfy pants and baggy hoodie; a 'me' who is proud and p***ed off with what I have done with the hands that life has dealt me; a 'me' that sometimes see the red mist with the 3G but also misses them the minute they run off to school and longs for the minute they are driving me crazy again. Sound messed up? Yeah I guess I am, but aren't we all a little bit chaotic?

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