Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Tell me please, is anyone out there still watching the news? Are you, honestly. I've given up. I still check in to the radio making sure I know what the world is going through but I just can't watch it anymore. 

I'm not sure if it's getting worse or has it always been this awful and my role as mother of growing young girls in the capital city makes me see things through shattered spectacles. If it's not death, it's the threat of death, abuse, fear, crime, poverty. It just all seems to be closing in.

Don't get me wrong we cannot shut ourselves away from reality; we all have our part to play on this earth in the support of others as well as ourselves. But I cannot take another close up of a dead body in a war torn country on my TV. 

So yes, this world truly is full of uncertainty, but what I know for sure is that whatever happens to me there is a wealth of love, support, honesty and strength provided in the amazing women I have in my life.

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I'm not sure if it is luck, fate or a cunning foresight in my choice of friends as I have moved from childhood to motherhood. But the clear fact is that I have surrounded myself with a lot of women of different ages, cultures, religions, backgrounds, beliefs, style, politics, sexuality, personality, lifestyle, colours and so on...hell, they just be all women and all woman.

And yeah it's great. They are from different paths of my life from family members who knew me before I knew me to colleagues who have stuck with me once our work life together has ended to relatives I have gained through marriage. We have laughed and argued and worked and cried and made mistakes and said apologies and sought guidance. Barely any of these women know each other but they are in my life so are connected to the goings on in my life...probably more than they want to be honest!

The most important part of this women gathering - that makes it sound so contrived, honestly I am just darn lucky - is that the 3G have witnessed a vast array of what being a girl, woman, friend, mother, daughter, sister, wife, is all about. I trust each and every one of these women with the moral fibre of my own daughters. If there comes a day when one of the 3G decides I am talking out of my ass and slams the door before thinking to leave me the whereabouts of her intended destination; I hope that she finds her way to a doorstep belonging to one of these ladies. I know they will listen and guide my girl back to me. 

So here's to those that have been lights on my path. I know for sure that I will always be there for them.

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