Wednesday, 10 September 2014

northern skies

Living in London it's easy to stop looking up; to keep your view dead central on where you're going and what you've got to get to. I used to fall into this trap way too often until I moved to TwickersTowers and discovered that our loft bedroom is the perfect place to sit still and watch the sky. 

Being pretty much under the Heathrow flight path means there are regular visits from planes gliding off to distant shores (#jealous). But then there's the occasional rainbow which I drag the 3G to have a look at, especially when we can see the whole arc. And sometimes it's just listening to the silence on a hot, sleepless night. So this has become a favourite pastime of mine - hanging (carefully) out of the roof window to find some peace.

This little habit, nay obsession gets even better when we trundle up to the GeordieLad's Ma&Pa in gorgeous Northumberland. No city orange glow. No sirens. Just me and the sky.

Just hanging out with a northern sky

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  1. Absolutely beautiful


    1. Thanks! The sky that night was amazing

  2. Love the way you describe looking at the sky from your roof window in London. Your words are very evocative and I could visualise the scene.

    Love the photo of the northern sky too.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments. It's nice to take some time out every now and then.