Monday, 22 September 2014

morning has broken

I often think back to mornings pre-motherhood. Bit of BBC breakfast on the telly, toast, cuppa, avoiding the rush hour by leaving the house as the morning radio jockeys crank up the airwaves, working at my desk a full two hours before the thunder of teenage feet entered my classroom. Despite my being busy, I was organised and felt relatively calm about the day ahead.

When I saw the theme for the gallery I was all like...8am!!! The hardest part of my day is done and dusted by then. So whilst this photo may suggest leisure and coffee on my morning run, the chain reaction of events which start from me zombie-walking to the shower at 6am to finishing with the 3G being bundled off to breakfast club at 7.40am. Oh the frivolity and fights that can be had in 100 minutes!

After that it's me, my Masala tea, and Chris Evans' rise and shining for company as I tootle across West London ready for my other job.

I was at a traffic light by the way.

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