Sunday, 6 July 2014

we are young

Everyone has regrets, right? No! Wrong! I have recently met people that do not dwell on things that have passed and we no longer have control over.  People who accept their mistakes, learn from them and move on. How I wish I was like those people. Because I love a good old wallow about how I should've done this and could've done that. And you'd think that by the grand decade of life in my 40's the only thing I should've done is realise that looking back to the past like this is pointless.

So that's my new aim as 2014 moves on. Stop regretting and start celebrating the achievements I did have in my younger years.

The amazing London Olympics in 2012 took me back to my athletic youth which I let go in my innocence, I've really got to admit - my stupidity. I was pretty good you know.  And now BigL has shown her sporting prowess with rugby, swimming and athletics which makes this mama extremely proud and reminiscent of my own sporty days.  I might just dust off my old medals to show the 3G.

Look at my legs, my waistline...I, no, no regrets I said. Mmmm this might be a little tough.

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