Tuesday, 17 June 2014

altogether now

The 3G are starting to argue. Now I know this snippet of family life will not hold front pages but it's becoming a regular occurrence at Twickers Towers. And it's making me sad.

There was a reason I knew I always wanted to have babies close together; there are seven years between me and SuperSis so we only got really close once we older. Don't get me wrong, I adored my likkle sister and I have photographic evidence that she once looked up to me. But there was never that rolling around on the floor, sharing clothes, discovering new experiences together kind of sisterness. I appreciate I may be looking through rose coloured specs here but that's what I thought would happen if we had children of a similar age.

I am now hoping that this will materialize, but at the moment I can't see any sewing of sisterly quilts happening in this household. Rather, who can break glass first with the high pitched screams of indignation because someone has dared to stick their tongue out at someone else. And all before breakfast!

When BigL first met MiddleS she was overjoyed, we planned very carefully how the two would be introduced to each other - read up on how new baby should 'buy' big sibling a present, and never utter the phrase ' don't go near the baby'. And it worked. BigL was so helpful with baths, getting nappies, helping cool down the milk, and she was ever so proud when her little sister joined her at nursery. Lovely.

With the arrival of LittleE, we started all over again - involving the girls as we settled her into our family.  And there was even more love going around. MiddleS was hanging out with her at nursery and BigL was chuffed when I brought LittleE into her Reception class to talk about how we look after babies. Lovelier.

So what the hell happened to all the love? Mornings are spent listening to them argue about who gets which colour bowl. Car journeys seem to bring out the worst in them as they fight over which song on the CD they listen to for the whole 10 minutes spent on the way to school...and this is then repeated on the way home. Weekends result in a Cold Wars caused by disagreements about who is using the iPad, choosing the next Horrible History Song, getting the bath first - or last, sitting next to mummy at the dinner table. I swear I could make a dance track based on the slamming doors, humphs and stomping feet we witness on a daily basis. And they are only in primary school - sob! I was all geared up for this behaviour at about, say, 14/15...but not yet, for goodness sake. I hadn't finished making daisy chains for their hair.

Having said all of this, there are moments we seem to get it right. Like the time when I had gone up to their bedroom for the millionth time to tell the to go to sleep and as I walked away I heard MiddleS do my voice telling them off and the other two giggled their heads off. I couldn't go back in to tell her off because I was laughing too much outside their door. And the time when they learnt the words to 'Let it go' and would sing it in their bedroom over and over again with the door shut and stop if I walked up the stairs.

And this moment when there had been a morning of arguing about iPads and whatnot, and this mama had had enough, so sent them in the garden to enjoy the sunshine. 

They may grow with contrasting personalities, interests, strengths and foibles. But moments like this will remind me, and them, of easier days when dressing up was all it took to get along.

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