Monday, 21 April 2014

enjoy the silence

My favourite place.

2014 hasn't been a particularly great year so far. Without dwelling too much on the really rubbishy days, I know I often find it hard to crank up the ol' positivity these days. Transitioning to my new walk of life has been a little wobbly, despite loving kin and buddies cheering from the touchline. Anyhoo whether a day has been totally sun rays and roses or gloom-stricken there is one moment in my day where I stop. Take a breath. Enjoy the peace. And be thankful. Some of you may find these moments in nature, in religious building, in sleep. I get mine here...

My mostest favourite place I can be for free. The 3G's bedroom in the dead of night.

When the toys are secured firmly in boxes and I am in no danger of lacerating an artery on far-flung Lego. When the screeching argument have stopped and all I can hear are the gentle snores of three lovely, lovely girls. When six feet are no longer colliding and crashing around TwickersTowers but instead are poking out of duvet corners. Sometimes when GeordieLad is out I might curl up in the reading nook and just be...just for a moment.

Yeah, I don't stay too long, because I did that once and LittleE woke up, saw me and started talking, which then woke MiddleS up, who then started crying which in turn frightened BigL awake. Try tiptoeing out of that one!

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