Thursday, 10 April 2014

days are gone

A photo I am proud of.

After not long moving to TwickersTowers, the 3G really started to enjoy each other and play together. They shared a larger room than in our old house, so were no longer squeezing between scattered furniture to get to their toys. They had their own bedroom playground. Plus a trampoline in the garden - left by the previous owners. Joy!  So getting these three to sit or stand still to make some memories in our new house was a real chore, especially because it was a beautiful summer and LittleE had finally mastered walking.

This was a captured moment of stillness as they scampered up to play in their room and I called them back.  I didn't tell them I wanted a photo but instead asked them to come and look at something. Note MiddleS's unimpressed look as she sees my camera.

I took two of these photos - one in colour, then quickly switched to b/w and I really prefer this one. I always look at this photo and think it could be an album cover. You never know, the 3G may become a girl band, like Haim or something, and come looking for ideas for their first band image... I'd make a great celebrity mum!

Now fours year on in TwickersTowers, the 3G are more than happy to pose aplenty these days. And looking back on this photo I love remembering how teeny and excited they were to be in our new house. They are growing so darn quickly, and I am now realising that they will become teenagers in this house. But something tells me that when I look at them sleeping, no matter how old they get - they will always be stuck in time in this picture.

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