Saturday, 2 November 2013

all shook up

 A night out! With laughter and profanity! And Elvis! 

GeordieLad and I managed to escape for an evening.  Thanks to half term chillaxing at the GeordieGrandies in gorgeous Northumberland, we were recommended a night out at the live theatre in Newcastle, by TopPopinlaw.  In celebration of 40 years of theatre, a classic play – Cookingwith Elvis – was brought back to the delight of this Newcastle audience.  I’ll be honest, although there were warnings that this was an adult play, there were still some moments that brought blushes to many a cheek in the room.  Yet this didn't detract from the comedy, and it was definitely noticeable that the laughter flowed a little freer after the interval – half time refreshments easing the unease? Maybe. I mean, you pop along to the theatre for a bit of culture - a break from the norm. And you get served up bare bottoms in the first ten minutes! At that point, we knew we were in for a shocker of a show...but in a good way. It felt good to gasp, shriek and hide behind my hands without it feeling like a panto.

With a small cast of 4, this play took us through a very difficult time in a family’s life through a menu of farcical door slamming, trouser dropping, bottom-clenchingly embarrassing moments, hilarious one liners, all topped off with Elvis and his Vegastastic jumpsuits.  Scenes of a sexual nature spared the audience from uncomfortable seat shifting with absolutely perfect comic timing by all four actors. We were both blown away by the lass who played the Jill the daughter, Victoria Bewick - she commanded the stage with ease. And deserves some sort of award for her scene involving her narrating whilst mounted on her mother's lover!

We laughed heartily throughout the whole performance, as did the audience. A darn good evening in a thriving theatre.  Go see it if you can!

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