Wednesday, 2 December 2009

At Last

How long has this taken me? Since the springing of G number 3 (LittleE)  I promised myself I would spend my final maternity leave constructively. Putting pen to paper, finger to keyboard, getting those creative juices flowing finally.

Yeah yeah yeah. Lookit, I'm 10 days away from getting back on the work treadmill and I am only just posting my first blog entry. What a monumental timewaster I am.

And to top it off, my OCD reflex is going into overdrive because I have sat up all night trying to organise this thing so that my first post would go out on Dec 1st - look at the time - 01.19am on...aaaargh....Dec 2nd.


Never mind, with BigL and MiddleS firmly tucked up with Iggle Piggle on his boat, and LittleE snuffling in a bouncer beside me. We're pretty much set. I think. I keep looking at all the tabs to organise, layout, edit, whaaaaat??

Goodnight London...wherever you are (oh Midnight Caller, what ever happened to you?)

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